Inno Metal Studs Corp

We are happy to represent Inno Metal Studs Corp. They lead the industry in providing the most integrated approach to building and building products with steel and cold-formed steel. Inno Metal Studs Corp and its predecessor companies have been supplying superior loadbearing, cold-formed steel roof, floor and wall framing systems for commercial, institutional and residential projects across the United States since 1998.
We will offer a turnkey package: nuts, bolts, screws etc for your project.

Industrial Cleaners

Gov-Sync offers industrial degreasers and multipurpose cleaners. We offer bulk packages on these products.

Power / Industrial Cables

Bulk power and industrial cables.

110kV to 500kV Power Cable

0.6 / 1kV PVC or XLPE Cable

Bare conductors AAC/AAAC/ACSR/ACAR

Aerial bundled cable (ABC Cable)

Medium / High Voltage power cable up to 36kV

Control and Instrumentation Cable

House / Building wires 450/700V

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