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Doing Our Part

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread around the world, it disrupted global and local supply chains for many businesses and industries. And even though restrictions are lifting and businesses are reopening, the supply chain remains in peril — and we’re doing our part to help restore confidence in businesses and their customers.

Core Services We Offer

Our sourcing services are designed to help our clients deliver maximum value to their end-users. Take a look at our core services and how they can help you build a better procurement strategy:

Strategic Sourcing

As a general rule, strategic sourcing is the by-product of an ever-changing global environment. We help our clients find new opportunities to strengthen their supply chain from every angle.

Category Management

Adding new products to your lineup? Our category management expertise can help you build efficiency when bringing new offerings onboard.

Global Sourcing

Our network of global partners allows us to help you find new opportunities all over the world.

Spend & Procurement Data Analysis

Find your true costs of procurement by including timelines, logistics, and payroll into your calculations.

Spend & Procurement Capability & Process Improvement

Are you maximizing your current landscape? Discover your procurement capability and how you can improve processes that will expand your potential.

Logistics Optimization & Sourcing Transportation

Optimized logistics can reduce operating costs to increase profits.

Our Mission at Gov Sync

The supply chain is the backbone of any business. Without reliable logistics that can supply you with what you need to do business, you’re unable to serve your customers in a timely, efficient manner. Delivery is key to maintaining your reputation and a competitive edge, which is why we believe the supply chain is the most important catalyst for every business strategy.

At Gov Sync, we’ve made it our goal to help you set up new supply lines that can minimize or eliminate disruptions to your business. We know this includes a lot of moving parts, from growing your procurement staff to making room for inventory, and we bring our expertise to help you make your expanded procurement strategy work for you.

The Benefits of Strategic Sourcing

The coronavirus has upset local, national, and global supply chains with no clear or efficient way to mitigate its impact. New ways of sourcing are needed, and we’re the experts when it comes to building a better sourcing strategy for our clients.

Strategic sourcing re-evaluates, discovers, and improves existing sourcing practices to create better opportunities within your supply chain.

We take a tailored approach to strategic sourcing — no two solutions are quite alike. As a result, you can expect the following benefits:

Higher Profits

Every dollar saved in procurement goes straight to your bottom line. Our strategic sourcing services are aimed specifically at generating noticeable cost savings and giving you a competitive advantage in your industry.

Managed Supply Risks

Every supplier and category needs to be analyzed to identify availability gaps, profit leaks, hazards, and quality factors. By approaching soucing with strategy at the forefront, companies can better acknowledge and manage associated risks.

Increased Sustainability

Strategic sourcing requires an ongoing commitment to initiatives, not just as a one-time project. This means maintaining an active eye on supplier performance, current events, and consumer demand to ensure you don’t miss an opportunity to sustain your customers and business.

Greater Procurement Value

When you prioritize strategic sourcing, you’re doing so with the intention to reduce business costs. Every step you take in the process is analyzed depending on how much value a change will bring to your business. This includes but isn’t limited to:


  • Increasing operational speed
  • Decreasing business expenditures
  • Providing more buyer value at the same cost or the same value at a lower cost.

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